Menu List

Mac and Cheese

Correctly creamy, cheesy and crispy on top. A firm BBQ favourite.

Green Salad

Fresh and crunchy.

Lettuce, chunks of crunchy Cucumber, sweet pepper slivers and cherry tomatoes. Served with a vinaigrette, or simple olive oil dressing.


Cooling, creamy, delicious. A BBQ must have.

Potato Salad

Another absolute BBQ essential and family favourite. Tasty potato in a creamy, cooling mayonnaise dressing.

Steamed Vegetables

Seasonal veg, steamed to retain all their goodness. Full of Caribbean flavour.

Rice And Peas Rice and Peas

Rice and peas – fact: eaten by over 90% of Jamaicans all over the world, every Sunday . This classic is steamed in a savoury coconut cream with kidney beans until soft and fluffy. Packed with flavour.

Steamed Rice

Fluffy, steamed white rice.

Whole Bird Sharer

1 Whole bird + 4 regular or 2 large sides

Chargrilled Butterflied Chicken Breasts

5 Chargrilled Butterflied chicken breasts + 4 regular or 2 large sides

Buffalo Soul Ja Mixed Grill

Buffalo Soul Ja mixed grill: 1 Whole Bird, 1 portion of chops, 4 regular or 2 large sides, 1.5ltr bottle of soda

Big Buffalo Soul Ja Grill

Big Buffalo Soul Ja grill: 2 whole bird’s, 2 portion of chops, 5 reg or 3 lrg sides, 1.5ltr bottle of soda and a tub of ice-cream.

Grilled Wings

Our Buffalo Soul Ja wings, are positively  bursting with flavour.

Grilled to perfection, the choice of flavours are fiery Jamaican jerk or sweet and smoky BBQ.  Includes 1 reg. dip.

Regular £3.25 per portion


A. 5 wings £5.10

B. 7 wings. £7.00

Add 2 reg sides at £1.50 each or 1 lrg side at £3.00


Tender, crispy and juicy lamb cutlets, grilled the Buffalo Soul Ja style.

Choose from Garlic and rosemary or Jamaican jerk flavour.

Small (3 units) £5.00

Large (7 units) £7.00

Lamb cutlets deals:

Add 2 reg sides at £1.50 each or 1 lrg side at £3.00

Tropicana Juices

Apple or orange. Individual size

Spring Water

Bottle spring water. Individual size


Made in-house.

Oreo: sweet, thick Oreo cookie milkshake.

Chocolate chip cookie: creamy chocolate chip cookie flavour. My favourite.

Vanilla: classic vanilla smooth and tasty.

Munchkin’s menu

(Kids meals) Munchkin’s menu    £3.90

These meals for little taste buds are not hot at all. However, they are a nice introduction to Caribbean flavours like herb and lime or Caribbean BBQ.

Choose from:

2 whole wings, 3 chargrilled chicken breast strips or 1 buffalo Soul Ja chargrilled butterflied chicken breast.

Comes with: 2 mini sides (as per adult sides), bottle of fruit juice, spring water or mini shake

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